About the training kit


The training kit has been specifically developed to provide teachers with educational material that help them inform, motivate and inspire young people about nanotechnologies and their applications. It will allow teachers to develop a balanced syllabus containing both theoretical and experimental components to suit the various student levels and educational approaches of participating schools.

Materials are organised in self-contained modules that offer increased flexibility throughout the development of the course. Moreover, a case study approach provides teachers with practical applications and examples to discuss in class. 

The teacher's training kit contains two main theoretical modules -that focus on the fundamental concepts in nanoscience and nanotechnologies and on NT applications- and an experimental module with experiments that exemplify some of the concepts in the theoretical modules. 

The modules include background materials, literature and specific case studies, as well as ideas on how to integrate nanoscience and nanotechnologies concepts in the science curricula. Topics that deal with the ethical, societal, legal and safety aspects of nanotechnologies are also included in order to help teachers encourage class debates on these topics.

Separate kits are available for the 11-13 and 14-18 age group classes, where language, communication methods, examples and content take into account the age of students.

Training kits are available free to download from the NANOYOU portal.

You can find more information on the teachers training kit in the document below.

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