Nanoyou Newsletter September 2009
Subject: Nanoyou Newsletter September 2009
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September 2009


Discover the secrets of the Nanoscale!


NANOYOU (Nano for Youth) is a project funded by the 7th Framework Program of the European Commission that aims to increase young people's basic understanding on nanotechnologies (NT) and to engage them in a dialogue about its ethical, legal and social aspects (ELSA).

NANOYOU aims to reach young people aged 11-25 in schools and science centres around Europe and Israel. As effective programming needs to be tailored to the educational needs and interests of the target population, specialised materials and programs will be provided for subgroups within this youth population.

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Tool of the quarter
Enter the Virtual Lab and transform into a nanoscientist
The Virtual Lab will be a unique opportunity for students to actively recreate current research experiments that are being done in first-class European nanoscience centres such as the Nanoscience Centre at the University of Cambridge, Barcelona Science Park and the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center at the University of Aarhus.

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Become a pilot school!

If you want to have the chance to teach and learn more about nanoscience and nanotechnologies with innovative tools and emphasis on the European dimension, you can now apply to be part of NANOYOU's pilot schools...

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Before starting: Test your students' perceptions on NT and share them with us!

Next October NANOYOU will undertake an online survey across Europe within a social study about young people's perception on NT which will give you the opportunity to compare your students' perceptions with those of the rest of Europe...

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NANOYOU travels to Prague and Milan

June has been a busy month for the NANOYOU project, which was presented for the first time in experts' conferences in the Czech Republic and Italy...

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NANOYOU Kicks Off to Engage with European Youth about Nanotechnology

The partners of the European science communication project NANOYOU met in Tel Aviv, Israel on April 27th-28th to kick off its educational programs to inform young people about nanotechnology. NANOYOU is primarily funded by the European Commission and is coordinated by ORT Israel...

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Other resources
With the DECIDE card game on Nanotechnology you will be able to learn and debate about nanotechnologies, to understand different points of view, to build your own opinion and to upload your results through DECIDE portal so that you can share them with other people in Europe. The card kit can be downloaded from DECIDE website and it's availabe in several languages.
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Other Interesting links
At Nanozone you will find play games simulating nanotechnologies research, videos, interviews with scientists and comics for young people, as well as resources for museum professionals and teachers.
The London Science Museum Antenna exhibit on nanotechnologies includes online games that allow the player to experience how properties change at the nanoscale.
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